Status: Ongoing Project - Height: B+G+8 Storied Apartment - Location: 117, Banker's Row, West Nakhalpara, Dhaka.

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  • Secured Decorative Gate with Lamp Posts as the elevation & perspective of the building. Comfortable internal driveway.
  • Reception Concierge Desk and floor is with tiles.
  • Spacious driveway with security arrangement for control of incoming & outgoing persons, vehicles, goods, etc.
  • Comfortable internal driveway.
  • Main lobby & Reception (Tiles finished Top) area in secured premises with an impressive Concierge Desk complete with personal Mail boxes.
  • Two International European Standard Lift with capacity of 08/16 persons with adequate lighting, well furnished doors & cabin, emergency alarm, Intercom and escape provision.
  • Floor tiles in all lift lobbies.
  • Stair tiles in all staircases.
  • Front side wall with tiles finish.
  • Provision for 02 (Two) nos satellite dish antenna connection.
  • Each and every apartment will have individual meter for Gas & Electricity connection and common meter for water Supply connection.
  • Two Units Water Pump (One standby).
  • European Origin Pedrollo or Saer or Equivalent (minimum 02 HP capacities).
  • Intercom (Panasonic or Equivalent Brand) for each Apartment.


  • Protective parapet wall.
  • Cloth Drying Area.
  • Garden Area & Walking Track.


  • Total Foundation and Superstructure Design and Supervision by a team of reputed and professional Structural Design Engineers.
  • Structural Analysis for Design based on the latest Computer Software.
  • Heavy Reinforced Cement Concrete Foundation.
  • Flat Slab/ Beam slab pattern shall be followed in the construction.
  • Systematic Structural Combination of Steel Reinforced Concrete Frame and Shear wall core.
  • Floor Slabs all Reinforced Cement Concrete.
  • Sub-Soil Investigation and Soil Composition comprehensively analyzed.
  • Comprehensive Checking and Testing of all steel reinforcement by professional Design and Supervising Engineers.
  • All structural Materials including Steel, Cement, Bricks, Sylhet Sand and other Aggregated etc. of highest available standard and screened for quality.
  • Direct Supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified Civil Engineers to ensure Highest Quality of workmanship.
  • Construction site Equipment includes vibro-hammers, Mechanical Rollers, Steel Cutting & Bending Equipment, Welding Equipment, Concrete Mixers, Concrete Vibrators, Water Pumps, Material Handling Equipment, Leveling Instruments, Theodolite etc.
  • Systematic Testing of concrete and other completed work samples at every stage from Quality Control Laboratories.
  • Protection from Cyclone Winds up to prevalent speeds incorporated in structure design.



  • Impressively designed platform with marble/granite Worktop.
  • Double Burner Gas Outlet.
  • Provision for oven setup and hot and cold water line.
  • Imported floor tiles.
  • Imported wall tiles from work top up to 4’-6’’ height.
  • One Stainless Counter-top Steel Sink with Mixer (Malaysia).
  • Suitably Located Exhaust Fan.


  • Imported marble countertop basin with shutter at the bottom in master bathroom.
  • Other bathroom will have stylish imported pedestal basin except maid bath.
  • Imported quality metal Sanitary Wares in all Bathrooms except maid bath.
  • Imported other fittings & fixtures like soap case, towel rail, toilet paper holder etc.
  • Imported Good Quality Glazed Tiles in all Bathrooms full height Wall except maid bath.
  • Imported Matching Floor Tiles in all Bathrooms except maid bath.
  • Mirrors in Bathrooms with overhead Lamps except maid bath.
  • Good Quality Chrome Plated Fittings.
  • Concealed Hot and cold Water lines for 2 (Two) baths except maid bath.
  • Provision for electronic Geyser 2 (two)


  • MK type or Equivalent Electrical Switches, Plug Points and other Fittings.
  • All Power Outlets with Earthling Connection.
  • Provision for Air-conditioners in two Bedrooms and living area.
  • Verandahs with suitable Light Points.
  • Electrical Distribution Box with Main switch.
  • BRB/BBS or equivalent cable shall be used for all internal wirings.
  • Independent Electric Meter for each apartment.
  • Concealed Electrical wiring.
  • Emergency electricity connection in Lift, Pumps, Lobby, Intercom service, Common spaces like Car parking, Reception area, Guard room and Main gate.
  • Concealed Intercom, Telephone lines (02) and TV/Satellite Dish connection (02) in each apartment.


  • Solid Decorative Main Entrance Door (Malaysia/equivalent) and Chowkath with
  • Door Chain
  • Check Viewer
  • Calling Bell Switch of Standard Quality
  • Solid Brass Door Knocker
  • Apartment Number in Brass
  • Internal Door of Strong and Durable veneer Flush door Shutters with French polish.
  • All Internal Door frames are made of teak chambal/equivalent.
  • All Bathrooms will have laminating flush door or equivalent.
  • Sliding Windows as per Architectural Design of the Building.
  • 5 mm Thickness glass with mohair lining.
  • Rain Water barrier in 4” Aluminum Sections.
  • Safety Grills in all windows.


  • Best Quality 1st Class/ machine made Gas burned auto bricks (5˝ of thickness).
  • RAK homogeneous tiles on Stairs and Lobby.
  • Full height safety grills with 5mm of thickness flat/square bar in Verandahs.
  • Floors in foreign Tiles (Tiles size 24”x 24” mirror polish).
  • All Verandahs in Homogeneous Tiles (RAK Standard or equivalent).



  • Plastic Paint in all internal walls and ceilings in soft Colors (Berger or equivalent).
  • French polished Doorframes & Shutters.
  • Exterior Wall will be Weather Coat (Berger or equivalent).


  • Various interior designing and additional fittings & fixtures as per choice of allottee may be arranged at cost basis upon approval of the company.


  • Diesel run emergency generator imported from (Europe Origin).
  • Generator will support: Lifts, Water Pumps, Common Lights including 01 Light and 01 fan in every room and one light point in all bathrooms and kitchen, one point for TV per Apartments in case of power failure.


APPLICATION Interested buyer shall submit application on the prescribed form duly signed by him/ her along with earnest money. AG Property Developments Ltd reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.

ALLOTMENT Allotment will be made on first come first served basis. On acceptance of application & earnest money, AG Property Developments Ltd will issue an allotment letter to the applicant on receipt of which he/she shall start making payments as per the schedule of payments in the brochure. Buyers willing to make a one time payment will be entertained with substantial discount. Until the full payment of installments, buyer shall have no right to transfer the allotment to the third party.

PAYMENT All payments shall be made by A/C Payee Cheque or Bank Draft or Pay-order in favor of         " AG Property Developments Ltd." Bangladeshis residing abroad may remit payments by TT or DD. Buyer must strictly follow the payment schedule. AG Property Developments Ltd may issue reminders to the buyer for delay in payment beyond due date. The buyer is liable to pay a delay charge @ 0.1% per day on the amount of payment delayed. If the payment is delayed beyond 30 days UDTL shall have the right to cancel the allotment. In such an event the amount paid by buyer shall be refunded after deducting 10% of the deposited amount or Tk. 2,00,000/= (Two lac) whichever is higher. This deduction is also applicable in the event of cancellation in any means.

COMPANY'S RIGHT The Company may take minor changes in the design both Architectural & Structural of the project should these become necessary. Limited changes in the specification and facilities may be made by AG Property Developments Ltd for overall interest of the project.

HAND OVER The possession of the apartment will be handed over within 24 months from the date of commencement of construction work except for reasons beyond control of AG Property Developments Ltd such as force majeure, natural calamities, political disturbances, strikes, Acts of God or economic conditions, etc. This hand over will only be made after the full payment of installments.

UTILITY CONNECTION Connection fee, security deposit for water, Gas & Electricity and incidental costs relating to these are not included in the price of apartment. Buyer will make these payments directly to the authorities concerned. Should expenditure on these accounts be incurred by AG Property Developments Ltd buyer will reimburse the same to the company proportionate to his/ her share.

REFUND For any reason beyond the control of AG Property Developments Ltd like force majeur, natural calamities, political disturbances, strikes, Acts of God or economic conditions, etc., the company may be bound to abandon the Project. In such an event the buyer will be entitled to refund of all installments along with the earnest money already paid by him/ her.

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP Proportionate share of undivided & undemarcated land will be registered in favour of each allottee as per the current rules & regulations of Ministry of Works.

TRANSFER COST All costs relating to transfer of ownership of the proportionate share of land will be borne by the allottee on actual basis.

MANAGEMENT The buyer must undertake to become a member of the Owners’ Cooperative Society that will be formed by the owners of the apartments for the management of common services such as lift, pumps, security, compound, etc. Each allottee must initially deposit Tk. 25000.00 (twenty five thousand) only in the Reserve Fund of the Association or Company for maintaining management expenses of the complex.


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