“Apan Angina” is a registered Brand Name of AG Property Developments Ltd., and it is a unique brand in housing and realestate sector in Bangladesh. The Philosophy of the Brand is Commitment, Trustworthiness and Dedication to customers, all levels of stake holders or partners, and the society.

The Brand is committed to provide distinguished, differentiated and diversified environment and eco-friendly (with be ETP plant which first introduce in Bangladesh) using the highest international standards of green technology, architecture, engineering & safety of each products for its customers.


Apan Angina’s mission is both wide and focused. It builds on its vision and translates the essence of that vision into projects that respond to board category of needs. Each of Apan Angina’s activities however is characterized by the same commitment to comfort and convenience.

Beyond high rise living in the heart of the metropolis, there is a growing demand for suburban living, does to nature, with plenty of open space. The second thrust of Apan Angina is to build satellite townships in the vicinity out skirts of metropolises that ensure quiet living with convenient connections to urban facilities and the city hubs.

Together, these represent value addition to urban living on the one hand, and creation of ideal neighborhood away from the bustling metropolis on the other.



Ahsan Group (AG) has established Corporate Governance Guidelines which provide a framework for the effective governance of the Company. The guidelines address matters such as the Board’s mission, Director responsibilities, Director qualifications, Determination of Director independence, Board committee structure, Employee performance evaluation and management succession. The Board regularly reviews developments in corporate governance and updates the Corporate Governance Guidelines and other governance materials as it deems necessary and appropriate.

CG is a blend of regulation, law, enforcement and appropriate voluntary practices by companies that permit a company to attract capital, perform efficiently and generate long term economic value for its users and shareholders. AG practices it so that investors can place their full confidence in the company.


Being an entity that is closely linked with society, AG aims not only at expanding and developing its business activity but also at expressing its corporate social responsibility in practice, thus making a significant contribution to the resolution of social and environmental problems. Therefore: It adds value to the broader natural, structured and human environment in which it pursues its business activities; It acts in the interests of society, through continuous investment and by utilizing local resources; It applies practices that contribute to the development of a powerful spirit of corporate social responsibility.

The main areas on which we focus our social responsibility activities are The Environment, Local Communities and Children, our Employees, and Culture and Sports


People underpin our success
Without our people, we would not have a sustainable business.

Reputation as a reliable and leading diversified company that gives high priority to customer’s desire and needs, has been created through the hard work and dedication of its work force. Instead of just stressing on good academic qualification which is compulsory for the executive level employees, That is why Ahsan Group always put emphasis on its Human resource and treat them as key stake holders.

Our Values:

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Quality
  • Services
  • Passion

Our Culture

  • Determination
  • Integrity
  • Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy
  • Pride
  • Spirit
  • Team Work


Our Strengths

  • Successful Track Record
  • Structured Corporate Culture
  • Financial Strengths
  • Our People & Team Work
  • The Dynamic Management Team
  • Professionalism


Our Vision: TobeapremiumGlobalconglomerate WithaclearfocusoneachStrategic BusinessUnit.

Our Mission: To deliver superior value to our customers,shareholders, employees andsociety at large.


developing now


on the horizon


mission accomplished